Administrative Law

Our experience shows that in the changeable and uncertain legal and regulatory framework in Latvia, the understanding and the handling of administrative laws and procedures are especially important. We advise and assist our clients on a broad range of administrative regulation issues, allowing them to comfortably navigate in the sometimes confusing and ambiguous jungle of administrative documents, laws and instructions. Paramount in our practice is the need and ability to reduce governmental ‘ red tape’ and barriers to successful business transactions. Our administrative practice includes:

  • Advice on Latvian administrative regulation of business and commerce, including, securing necessary licenses in specially regulated fields such as energy, banking and insurance.
  • Advice on Administrative procedure and requirements in the fields of taxation, customs & trade and, competition regulation.
  • Representation of clients at government institutions and agencies on administrative matters and procedure.
  • Handling administrative complaints and cases in court or with regulatory agencies, e.g. the Competition Council, including wrongful administrative action and illegal imposition of fines.
  • Administrative representation of individual foreign nationals on matters related to receiving work and residency permits, special visas and seeking of asylum.