So you don’t have your own lawyer?
What an inexcusable luxury!

“ I have to check these details with my lawyer”. This phrase sounds important doesn’t it?  Many think that it is only rich people who can afford to say such a phrase, and that for people with average income, the idea of a “personal   lawyer” is something they cannot afford. This is a huge mistake!

I have run the Sworn Legal Aid office for 15 years as the manager. Sometimes I have provided advice to people who tell me they have lived to an old age and have never been to a lawyer in their life. And I reply: “you are certainly a very rich man!”

Of course, this is a joke. In our practice I have seen many examples of how carelessness and irresponsibility devastates the career and financial well-being of ordinary people.

You see, no one lives forever, and not all relatives are angels. For example, an elderly couple came to me recently; they had been together for 30 years. This was a second marriage and there were children from a first marriage. They have property: an apartment and a car. They asked: what should we do? If one of us dies, who gets the property?  The widow or widower, or the children from the earlier marriage? “Our children have been waiting for us to die”, said the clients. They had visited four lawyers before they came to me. None could resolve the problem.

Classical powers and marriage contracts are of no use here. Only God knows which of them will go first. I suggest we write mutual Wills. She leaves to her husband; he to his wife.  And after the death of one of then if the children try to get a share, they will have to go to court.  I doubt if they will. They would have to pay, and may lose.

These days there are often cases where parents cannot split their children after a divorce. A classic situation is where one parent wants to move abroad and take the children. The other parent refuses permission. Our office has successfully resolved two of these tricky situations.

So you should all abandon any prejudice that lawyers are only for the rich. If you have any questions at all relating to inheritance transactions, loans against collateral, contracts, don’t be shy, we will resolve them.

Whatever you do though, please don’t sign any document as it may then be too late for us to act efficiently on your behalf.  I wonder why it is that people ashamed to call lawyers, even by the time that bailiffs stand on the doorstep of the apartment to evict them? Or when an employee who had worked for a month was not paid any salary but was chased away?

These are unfortunate, indeed unjust and terrible tragedies. It is far better to seek advice as soon as there is a problem, than to risk losing thousands  of Euros, nerves, time, or even  loss of home. “Occupation time” in properties is a thing of the past! The law is changed!.

So: entrust your lawyer with all the necessary  information. Neighbors may not know the family secrets, but the lawyer, like the gynecologist or dentist must know everything. We are professionals and will maintain strict privacy.

You will be able to count on a favorable outcome, even in the most difficult situation in your life.


Valdis Krisbergs.

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